Adopt a family!

Westlake City Hall has posted a wish list from 7 affected families (so far). If you want to adopt any of these families and help take care of their needs, please message us and we'll make sure you can make a direct impact. For those of you that are familiar to the area: 20 total homes in Westlake Village burned to the ground, 16 in Oak Forest (the mobile home community at the end of Lindero, across from the Lake) and 4 condos up Ridgeford Drive at the Pointe.

The list is as follows:

Family 1 Wish List:

  • Gift Cards.

  • Any help would be appreciated (the family includes two small children).

Family 2 Wish List:

  • Home items

  • 2 televisions

  • Gift cards to Target, Home Goods, Grocery Stores, including American Express or Visa
    gift cards.

Family 3 Wish List:

  • Christmas lights, décor, or ornaments.

  • Boys age 11 and 13 clothes (kids lg/xlg) and (adult md) (they like
    red, black, and blue).

  • TV/laptop/kids tablets (2)

  • Books, Star Wars, nerf guns, legos, board games,

  • kids bikes (2 size adult small)

  • Sofa.

  • Gift cards to Visa/AmEx, Costco, Target, Pavillions, Old
    Navy, or IKEA

Family 4 Wish List:

  • Gift Cards to Target, or AmEx/Visa Gift Cards

Family 5 Wish List:

  • Healthy food option gift cards, e.g. Gelsons, Natural Café, etc.

Family 6 Wish List:

  • Gift cards for AmEx/Visa,

  • Items for 2 boys (ages 4 and 10) and 1 small dog

Family 7 Wish List:

  • Gift cards for Costco, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Goods, Amazon, Visa gift card, Erewhon market

More needs, in other areas of Westlake, Oak Park, and Newbury Park, will be posted soon.